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COVID-19 - Resources and Solutions for Reopening Safely

Resources for Safe Reopening and Effective Virtual Learning

However your school or library is managing today’s new challenges, we know that health and safety is a top priority. That’s why we’ve created a central spot where you can find helpful resources and products to support your work.

Lights, mics, and other virtual learning equipment can make digital lessons more accessible and engaging, while easy-to-clean furniture, desktop barriers, and social distancing signs can make face-to-face interaction safer. Plus, learn how to adjust the layout of your space to minimize contact, handle and sanitize materials, promote safe practices, and more.

Resources for Safe Reopening and Effective Virtual LearningResources for Safe Reopening and Effective Virtual Learning

Congress established the ESSER Fund to address the impact of the coronavirus on schools nationwide. Learn more about eligibility and how the money can be spent — like on Demco products that support your coronavirus prevention efforts. Get Details

Resources for Libraries

Public Libraries: Your Planning Guide for Reopening

From staff procedures to traffic flow to room layout, this guide will help you figure out what you need to think about when you open back up.


COVID-19 & Libraries: Your Questions Answered

Pediatrician and children’s librarian Dr. Dipesh Navsaria answers your questions about quarantining books, safety measures for reopening, and more.


How to Quarantine Public Library Materials

Learn what the experts say about quarantining your books and other materials safely as you start circulating from your library again.


Designing a Public Library for Social Distancing

In the fourth episode of the Open Book Webcast, Stephen Gower, Demco’s Lead Interior Designer, shares design examples and tips for creating public library spaces designed for social distancing.


The Biggest Challenges Public Libraries Are Facing

From funding cuts to staff morale, find out what our survey respondents said are the biggest challenges public libraries are facing right now.


Tips for Leading Library Staff Through a Pandemic

Leading a library staff through something as large and uncertain as a pandemic takes care and empathy. Get tips for how to boost morale, manage emotions, and practice self care.


How Public Libraries Are Adapting for COVID-19

Read how public libraries are adapting for COVID-19 and modifying their procedures and their physical spaces to keep everyone safe during the pandemic.


Advice from Public Libraries That Have Reopened

Working on your reopening plans? Get advice and planning tips from frontline staff who have already opened their public library doors back up to patrons.


Checklist for Library Curbside Pickup Services

If your library is offering curbside pickup, you’ll want to read this walkthrough of what you need to think about and how to manage your services safely.


Resources for Schools

School Libraries: Your Planning Guide for Reopening

From germ prevention to traffic flow to what to do with your makerspace, this planning guide will help you decide how to best serve your students in your library when they come back to school.


3-Phase Reopening Plan Template for School Librarians

Award-winning school librarian Kim Borden outlines why you need to be advocating for your position during the COVID-19 pandemic and provides a three-phase reopening plan template for your library that you can customize and share with your administration.


Ways School Librarians Can Serve Students in Fall 2020

Every school year is different — but 2020–21 is sure to be unlike any other that came before. Read on to discover ways school librarians can continue to nurture a love of reading, innovate and collaborate with classroom teachers, make their library mobile, and deliver critical services to their school communities.


Reopening School: How to Reduce Your Community’s Fears

Parents, students, and staff are most likely nervous about returning to school in the fall of 2020. As you start making plans for creating a safe environment for reopening your school, consider how you can best reduce their fears.


Reopening School: 8 Considerations for Fall 2020

What will schools look like for the fall of 2020? Experts aren’t quite sure yet, but they have a lot of ideas for what reopening school looks like. Get tips and resources for creating a safe school environment when students return to classrooms.


How to Quarantine Books in Your School Library

As students bring books and other materials back to your library, the question of how to ensure staff and student safety is on everyone’s minds. Read this article to learn what the experts say about how to quarantine library materials.


Activities to Support Social-Emotional Learning in the Library

Social-emotional learning will be more important than ever this next school year, and school librarians are poised to lead the charge. Get tips and ideas for infusing SEL into your library program.


Makerspace Activities for In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual Instruction

Worried about how you’re going to keep kids making this school year while still observing social distancing guidelines? Makerspace expert Nick Provenzano shares activities to keep kids making in every type of learning situation.


Take a Virtual Tour of Library and School Areas Designed for Social Distancing

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