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Makerspace Furniture & Organization

Furniture & Organization

Every learning environment is unique, from size and style to goals and budget. But whether you’re converting a classroom corner or outfitting a dedicated makerspace, you will need pieces that support collaboration, creation, and exploration while keeping your space organized and distraction-free. That’s where we come in.

Furniture & OrganizationFurniture & Organization

Furniture & Space Planning Guide

Visualizing a transformation can challenging. To help you explore the possibilities, Demco's interior design team has created four user-centered makerspaces that you can tour in immersive, 360° virtual reality. From small to extra-large, these spaces are designed to inspire — complete with product recommendations.

Expert Advice

Makerspace Tour: University Liggett School

Maker educator Nicholas Provenzano teamed up with Demco’s interior design experts to create three separate making spaces that physically represent the design process. Read about his school’s new tools and furnishings and take a video tour of the rooms.


Tips for Creating a Space for Making

Deciding you want to create a makerspace is easy. Figuring out what it’s going to look like can be the tricky part. Read on for tips from Nicholas Provenzano, aka The Nerdy Teacher, about how to develop your creation space. Get advice on gaining more space in your library, considering instructional needs, and choosing furniture that supports your goals.


3 Must-Have Furniture Products for Your Makerspace

Sometimes it's hard to know what your makerspace needs until you get it up and running. That’s why we’ve done some of the homework for you. Check out three innovative makerspace furniture products available only from Demco that provide creative work surfaces, mobile seating, and storage while helping you keep your space organized.


How to Choose the Right Makerspace Cart

You’ve got all the maker stuff, but where are you going to store it? Whether your supplies are on the move or stay in one place, the right makerspace cart can make all the difference. Discover six educator favorites and find out how to choose the one that works best for your space.


4 Keys to Organizing Your Makerspace

Makerspaces can get messy! Do you have a strategy to stay organized? Angela Rosheim offers ideas to keep your school or library makerspace materials in order and easy to find. You’ll also get storage tips, ideas for handling works in progress, and advice on how to get students to help keep your makerspace tidy.