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Bringing People Together Collaborative Spaces

Libraries are a logical place for people to gather because of the resources, services, spaces and experiences they provide. The following is a collection of information, ideas and products for building collaborative spaces within libraries.

Collaborative SpacesCollaborative Spaces

Create Flexible Multi-use Spaces

As libraries transform to active hubs for learning, you will have areas used for a variety of activities. These flexible-use spaces demand adaptable furnishings. Combine pieces that can serve dual purpose along with mobile elements to create an atmosphere conducive to collaboration.

Ideas & Inspiration

Come Together! Collaborative Spaces in the Library

From providing comfort and integrating technology to offering flexibility, learn about ideas to make library collaborative spaces great.

Collaborative Spaces

Collaboration has become a way of life and it needs spaces where it can come alive! Watch this webinar to learn what it takes to develop progressive and effective collaborative spaces in your library.