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Zoning in on Kid & Teen Spaces

Educational spaces designed for children from birth to age 18 should be interactive and engaging. Each age group has their own requirements, and, when planning a space that accommodates multiple age groups, such as a library, zoning by age and function can help ensure all users’ needs are met. Zoning provides visual cues and signals for appropriate activities within a space and adds clarity and grounding for younger children.

Kids & TeensKids & Teens

Spaces by Zone

Early Literacy

Birth-Age 4

It might sound odd to strive for a noisy, messy space, but this happy chaos is evidence that young children like being there — and that they're learning!


Ages 5-8

Educational spaces play an important role in bringing the joy of reading and learning to kids. Creating environments that invite curiosity and help school-age kids feel safe and secure is the key to success.


Ages 9-12

Often referred to as the tween years, this is a time of rapid change. Successful learning environments encourage exploration, experiential learning, and personal growth.


Ages 13+

Teens want a space just for them! They’re also looking for interesting activities, access to technology, and a space for collaboration and content creation.

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